Discover paragliding is a full one-day flight lesson where participants will learn to control, launch and fly paragliders solo from the Elings Flight Park training hill (from an altitude of approximately 300 feet).

What to Expect

The day begins overlooking the ocean from the top of Elings Park in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA.  After meeting your instructors, you’ll get introduced to the paragliding equipment. You will practice inflating the wing and controlling it on the ground, learning the launch sequence, and practice steering skills with the help of an instructor. Once you and your instructor feel you are proficient in ground handling the wing, the focus will shift to your actual flight. You will learn the flight plan, discuss steering the glider in flight, and talk about the landing sequence. Then it’s time for your first flight! After you land, a van will pick you up and bring you back to the top of the hill so you can fly again. The number of flights throughout the day will be determined by your physical ability, the size of the class, and the weather.

All flights are solo, radio-supervised, and entirely self-paced… so you can progress at the speed at which you are comfortable.

Physical Requirements

You must be able to:

  • Run forward and laterally moderate distances (200 – 300 feet)
  • Lift both arms above your head
  • Sustain minor falls
  • Climb into and out of a cargo van with no seats
  • Carry approximately 25 pounds