Enjoy the world as you float above our coastal ridge sites. This is the perfect option for you’re interested in our Discover Paragliding adventure, but don’t have the energy to run around like a crazy person all day.

What to Expect

The day begins at our launch area, where we discuss the physics of free flight and how we are able to stay aloft along the cliffs. Then we “para-wait” for the wind to turn the right direction and speed. Once mother nature cooperates, we hook in and take off. Unlike the Discover Paragliding Adventure, which lasts for a day, tandem paragliding flights last approximately 20 minutes- sometimes longer depending on your karma*.

*Please note the “or longer” is dependent on YOUR karma, not ours. We do this for a living. Our karma is fine. Please don’t be mad at us if we can’t keep you aloft for longer. Sorry for being so mean about it.

Physical Requirements

You must be able to:

  • Run forward and laterally moderate distances (200 – 300 feet)
  • Sustain minor falls